Collaborative Test and Insight Management Software

Nela streamlines your testing process and centralises the insights that come out of it, so your team can spend more time translating insight into action.

Manage Your Growth Process

Building an insight-driven team is not easy, but at Nela, we guide you every step of the way. Use Nela to track every test, document and prioritise every insight, so you can optimize your strategies over time.

Track Your Tests and Research

Document everything, including your methods and results, so you can always optimize you strategies over time.

Everyone Can Share Insights

Insights are your company’s most valuable assets. Store them in one place so you can use them anytime.

Search and Find Anything

Tag all of your valuable knowledge so you can easily search and find the insights that are relevant to you.

Collective Knowledge of Your Organisation

How many times have you had to look in every folder or go through your e-mail to find that one insight? Document, track, organise and share all of your research, tests and insights on ONE simple platform. Starting build organisational knowledge today so that the next person can have access to years’ of insights.

Translate Insight Into Action

It’s no longer enough to turn data into insight, it’s time to turn insight into action. Harness the true power of insights with Nela. Nela organizes insights based on priority and impact, so they are always there for you to make big decisions.

“Nela is great for any team that is using data every day to grow their business and optimize their strategies. All of our research, tests and insights are all organized and easy to find, so we never waste time looking for them.”

Anthony Sobbi, Founder of DelKit

App Highlights

Just a few favourite features from our loyal Nela customers.


Designed to be one of the simplest ways for your team to use data every day. Clean, easy to use UX.


Enrich your company’s knowledge bank by adding everything to one place.


Have an overview of what everyone is working on and what insights they produce.


With all of your tests documented, see exactly what happened and how.


Subscribe to tags or bookmark insights to customise your own experience.

   Effortless Collaboration

Tag people and comment. Gather cross-functional teams and foster collaboration.

Get Started For Free

Nela is now in open beta. What are you waiting for? Start storing your insights on Nela today.