About Us

We Are Supporting Insights-Driven Organisations Worldwide

Nela is the first insight management software aimed to streamline tests and bring insights to the forefront of the business. Committed to not only be a comprehensive test management and insight management software, it is designed with user experience as a pillar of success. Traditionally, data management tools can often be overwhelming to those who are unfamiliar with the space. We created Nela to enable every person in the company to contribute directly to the success of the business by democratising data and encouraging everyone to share their own insights. After all, it is very likely that the person next to you knows something about the customer that you don’t.

We were created by digital transformation experts at Harris Partners, who identified a common issue among their clients. Valuable information is normally silo’ed, slowing down the progress of teams, and conclusively, the whole organisation. The issue we identified was that organisations were not insights-driven. Insights were generated on a weekly basis, but abandoned in hundreds of spreadsheets without action. This resulted in more time spent trying to find relevant information and lost opportunities. With so much research showing that insights-driven organisations perform better, what is stopping your organisation from getting ahead of the pack?