Insight management tool

All Of Your Insights, Ready For Action

Nela is an insight management software for high growth teams. Consolidate all insights from all of your tests and research, on one interactive and simple-to-use platform. Make every decision based on data, not a “gut feeling”.


Share Any Insight

Everyone has something they know that no one else knows. Share insights across your organisation and collaborate better.

Contextualise Insights

Connect the dots and see which test the insight came from. Link insights to tests and research pieces, and vice versa.

Comment and Tag People

Talk to anyone on your team and bring their attention to relevant insights. Foster collaboration and uncover opportunities.

Upvote Insights

Get everyone involved. If you like an insight, upvote it to the top of the ranks. Award your team members for their great work.

Assign People to Insights

Make people accountable. Give people ownerships of certain insights and take action on them.

Tag Anything

Tagging means other people can easily find your insight. You’ll thank yourself in 5 months’ time when you’re trying to find it!

Subscribe to Tags and Insights

Subscribe to the tags relevant to you and your role. Get tailored insights straight to your inbox.

Find Anything

Search for the exact insight you need that you saw 6 months ago using our advanced filtering system.

Bookmark Insights (Coming soon)

Start bookmarking insights so you can instantly access the insights that are most important to you.